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Plated Jewelry: Is it worth it? Should I buy it?

Posted on June 18 2019

You most certainly known what solid gold jewelry is, but do you know what it means for jewelry to be gold plated? If not, read more about our distinction of gold plated jewelry here. Plated jewelry will make all of the difference when it comes to the price as gold plated items are much more affordable.

Why Buy Gold Plated Jewelry?

First and foremost, we highly recommend to purchase only Gold PVD Plated jewelry.

The PVD Plating process is the absolute best plating possible for jewelry and it results in a brilliant gold finish alongside with a durable layer of gold that is more resistant towards corrosion in comparison to regular gold plating. 

Why bother and pay up to thousands of your hard earned cash for solid gold jewelry if you can not afford that lifestyle yet but want the look the jewelry provides? With less than several hundreds, you could get that look with Gold Plated Jewelry and many will never even know you are not rocking solid gold.

Gold PVD Plated jewelry is very affordable, thus causing less headaches and stress to the owner of jewelry. As an example, a Diamond Miami Cuban Link Chain featuring gold plating + CZ stones may cost as low as $149 with us. In comparison, the same chain made with solid gold + VS stones will cost you upwards of $15,000. 

Losing your jewelry or even getting burglarized of your jewelry may happen, and with gold plated jewelry, you lose only a very small fraction of the price in comparison as if your jewelry was completely real.

Where to buy Gold PVD Plated Jewelry?

We specialize in Gold PVD Plated jewelry, whether you are looking for cuban links, tennis chains/bracelets, pendants, we have it all! Check out our collection by clicking the image below.


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