The difference between Gold Plated, Gold Filled & Solid Gold Jewelry

When you're shopping for new jewelry, you may come across terms classifying the jewelry as Gold PlatedGold Filled, or Solid Gold. Any of these options can make for beautiful and bold looking jewelry.

But here's the deal, all three options are far different and we are here today to simplify the differences.

Diagram showing the difference between solid gold, gold-filled and gold-plated

Gold Plated

Gold Plated jewelry consists of a thin layer of actual gold that is electrically charged onto a base metal (eg. stainless steel, nickel, brass). This is the most affordable gold jewelry looking option and is very popular among the general consumers. You can expect your Gold Plated jewelry to have an average lifespan of up to several years if taken cared of properly. All the jewelry we manufacture includes the highest grade of gold plating, known as PVD Plating, the most durable gold plating available.

Gold Filled

Gold Filled jewelry is a step down from Solid Gold, but is many steps ahead of Gold Plated jewelry. This process is done by heat bonding a thicker layer of gold onto the base metal, resulting in a more durable layer of gold than plating. 


Solid Gold

Solid Gold jewelry is the most valuable form of jewelry you can buy. The jewelry piece will be fully consisting of gold and this makes it the most expensive option as well. The biggest difference of solid gold jewelry is that you could wear the jewelry while sweating/in water without any consequences. 


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